WATCH: Parshas Vayeira 5780- Rabbi Labish Becker
Siyum HaShas Organizers Meet at MetLife Stadium to Discuss Planning, Logistics and Event Coordination
WATCH: Parshas Noach 5780- Rabbi Labish Becker
School Children Focus of Unique Meeting Between Agudah and UTF

Agudah and Other Organizations Discuss Critical Issues at a United Task Force Meeting “Life can be tough. Finding help should be easy.” So reads the tagline of the United Task Force, a coalition of more than 40 agencies that offer support and services for the Orthodox Jewish community of New York. Read More

With Just One Masechta Left to Global Siyum Hashas, A Call from Lublin to Encourage Greater Daf Yomi Participation
Agudath Israel Files Supreme Court Brief: Is Excluding Religious Schools from a School Choice Program Constitutional?
Agudath Israel Helps Nurses in Public Hospital Celebrate Yom Kippur
WATCH: Parshas Bereishis 5780- Rabbi Labish Becker
FREE DOWNLOADS: Sukkos Posters 2019

Click this link to download any of the posters below for your sukkah. Ki Heim Chayeinu – Daf Shel Sefina – MetLife – click here Chazu Chazu Banai Banai – click here Vsamachta Bchagecha – click here Yom Hashishi – click here Ki Heim Chayeinu – Daf Shel Sefina – Read More

WATCH: Parshas Haazinu 5780- Rabbi Labish Becker