Video/Photos: Yeshiva Expo - Beyond our wildest expectations

“Beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.” – Rabbi Nissan Gewirtzman, President, Yeshiva Consulting Services “An event like this… we are amazed and impressed at what Agudah has done and continues to do.” – Rabbi Shmuel Kutten, Assistant to the Executive Director, Torah Vodaath “Professional, and more importantly, useful!” – Yeshiva Read More

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Workshop hosted by the Yeshiva services Division of Agudath Israel of America for administrators of new yeshivos and new administrators of yeshivas already in operation at its Rabbi Moshe Sherer national headquarters in Manhattan. Representatives from mosdos across New York State including Ahi Ezer Yeshiva, Ateres Chaya (Chabad), Bais Yaakov Read More

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked question that have come in to Agudah’s office in the past week: What is a “529” plan? Are there any benefits to 529 plans on a state level? Are there other potential benefits? Why are you telling me this? What Read More

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Like all communities, the Orthodox Jewish community is well served by a custom tailored, culturally sensitive network of social services to help members meet the demands of their personal, family, religious and financial needs. Agudath Israel addresses these needs through its legal and constituent services division.
This division is keenly in tune with the diverse, constantly changing needs of community members, and offers a network of services that assists contemporary Orthodox families from cradle to grave. For families across the country, Agudath Israel of America is more than an address. It is a lifeline.

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Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel Esq.

Executive Vice President,
Agudath Israel of America

Ms Chava Shulman

Department of Constituent Services,
Agudath Israel of America