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Pirchei Weekly For Parshas Tzav

Rashi: Questions of the week 1. Which three categories of Kohanim are disqualified from eating Kodshim? 2. When was the only time that the Shoik HaYimin , the right leg, of a Korban Shlomim was burned on the Mizbeiach? To receive the Pirchei Weekly straight to your inbox send a blank email to Read More

Sanctuaries of faith, not fear
Maryland CAPE Rally in Annapolis

Lefkowitz Leadership Initiative (LLI) serves as Agudath Israel of America’s dedicated infrastructure to both involve and serve the unique needs of our communities’ younger members.
The budding professionals and activists - aged 25 to 40 – who form LLI’s nucleus, eagerly serve its trifecta of goals: engage, integrate and innovate. They, along with their family members and friends, take a personal interest in Agudath Israel of America activities and are meaningfully integrated within its diverse branches, events and decision making processes. LLI activists are also encouraged to share their ideas on how Agudath Israel of America can innovate, and better serve and communicate with the younger members of our communities. more

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Agudath Israel of America recognizes that the Torah stands at the root of our Nation’s existence, and serves as the wellspring through which we can continue flourishing in the future.
Through its Torah projects division, Agudath Israel of America is at the forefront of ensuring that Torah learning is within reach of Jews of all ages, backgrounds and locales, and will continue to blossom. The Torah projects division also organizes various inspirational Torah oriented events to help members of our community spread and intensify their spiritual flame. more

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Cultivating a wholesome and inspired Torah Jew begins during a child’s earliest years.
Since its earliest days, Agudath Israel of America has established numerous popular programs that have helped transition America’s Jewish communities from spiritually barren deserts to centers of a historical Torah renaissance that continues blossoming to this day.
For boys and girls, children and teenagers, on special occasions and all year round, Agudath Israel of America's youth services division is dedicated to continue inspiring our future generations to be proud links in the chain formed at Mount Sinai. more

Pirchei Weekly For Parshas Tzav
Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of America Midwest Regional
Pirchei Weekly For Parshas Vayikrah
Pirchei Weekly For Parshas Pekudei

Through its national Office of Government Affairs, its full-time Washington Office, and its regional chapters throughout the nation, Agudath Israel frequently takes advocacy positions before federal, state and local governmental bodies. In so doing, Agudath Israel seeks to protect the rights and advance the interests of observant Jews and their growing network of educational and religious institutions; and to offer a uniquely Orthodox Jewish perspective on contemporary issues of public concern.
The concerns that have elicited Agudath Israel's attention over the past several years can be loosely categorized under four main headings: (1) protecting and advancing religious and civil rights; (2) promoting the interests of religiously affiliated schools and their parent and student bodies; (3) commenting on contemporary social, moral and family issues; and (4) addressing Jewish needs on the international scene, in Israel and in lands of oppression across the globe.more

Sanctuaries of faith, not fear
Maryland CAPE Rally in Annapolis
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Like all communities, the Orthodox Jewish community is well served by a custom tailored, culturally sensitive network of social services to help members meet the demands of their personal, family, religious and financial needs. Agudath Israel addresses these needs through its legal and constituent services division.
This division is keenly in tune with the diverse, constantly changing needs of community members, and offers a network of services that assists contemporary Orthodox families from cradle to grave. For families across the country, Agudath Israel of America is more than an address. It is a lifeline.
To quickly locate laws, documents, and information from our legal services department that may be of assistance to you click here more

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Agudath Israel of America was founded in 1922 to serve as Orthodox Jewry’s umbrella organization on our continent, acting as a voice, guiding light and helping hand for our community’s material and spirit.
Over the past decades, Agudath Israel of America has proudly carried this torch with the guidance and intimate involvement of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of America, a council of leading Torah sages. Agudath Israel of America is keenly attuned to the American Jewish community’s challenges and triumphs, and has helped our communities grow, thrive and advance through changing times.
Since day one, Agudath Israel of America has stayed true to its key goals including: strengthening Jewish communities, strengthening religious education and Torah learning for adults, government and legal advocacy, comprehensive community based social services, and inspiring Jewish youth. more

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