Statement of Agudath Israel of Illinois on the Reproductive Health Act

Agudath Israel of Illinois respectfully expresses its opposition to the Illinois Reproductive Health Act. The proposed law declares that abortion is a fundamental right of any individual who becomes pregnant, strips fetuses of protections, and allows for abortions up until birth with few restrictions. In doing so, this legislation codifies, and arguably broadens, the abortion protections established by the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade.  

Agudath Israel of America is long on record in opposing Roe v. Wade and recently issued the following statement about its position on the issue of abortion.

“Jewish tradition teaches that a human fetus has status and dignity, and that abortion is prohibited in the vast majority of pregnancies. But even beyond that tradition, it should be apparent to all that termination of pregnancy raises profound moral concerns.

“In line with its support for religious freedom, Agudath Israel opposes initiatives that would make abortion unlawful even in situations where termination of pregnancy is mandated by religious law – as it is, for example, under Jewish law when the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother. However, it is not necessary to make all abortions permissible in order to protect the rare instance when abortion is truly indicated.”

Agudath Israel of Illinois shares these viewpoints and position. Regrettably, the proposed law in Illinois pays no heed to those concerns.

We urge our lawmakers to vote against this bill.