Agudath Israel Guides Yeshivos as Lawsuits are Filed on Equivalency of Instruction
Strengthening Relationships and Advocating for the Community: Agudath Israel Promotes Legislative Agenda in Albany
Am Echad Statement On Women of the Wall at the Kotel Hama’aravi

Am Echad, which was founded to represent the views of Orthodox Jewry in America to the Israeli Government and public, is extremely dismayed at the public desecration of one of the holiest sites to Jews around the world, the Kotel Hama’aravi, by “Women of the Wall” (WOW). This group has Read More

Pirchei Weekly For Parshas Pekudei

Rashi: Questions of the week 1. Why was no one able to lift up the heavy beams of the Mishkan except Moshe? 2. With what Bracha did Moshe bless the Bnei Yisroel after they completed the Mishkan, which is now part of our Tefilos? To receive the Pirchei Weekly straight to Read More

Agudath Israel Federal Advocacy

We asked. They listened. Over the last few months, you received several action alerts from Agudah about security grants. We asked our members and the wider Jewish community to contact Congress about the importance of the Nonprofit Security Grant Program. We asked Congress to fully fund this critical program, and Read More

What would you do with $5 billion?

If you had $5 billion in K-12 scholarships to give out, what type of educational expenses would you approve? If the Education Freedom Scholarships proposal unveiled on Thursday becomes law, states will be the ones to answer that question and determine how those funds are spent. The federal tax credit program would build upon Read More

Agudath Israel of Ohio Hosts ESSA Training

Last week, Agudath Israel of Ohio, in partnership with the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, hosted a training session for nonpublic school leaders from around the state on the topic of “equitable services” in federal Title funds. Equitable services refers to the percentage of services (and funding) that federal law Read More

Agudath Israel of California Legislative Leadership Day

Neither weather nor mechanical malfunction could hold back the Agudath Israel of California delegation to Sacramento on Wednesday. Despite the inclement and disruptive weather, fifteen community leaders from across the state gathered in the Capitol for Agudah’s annual Legislative Leadership Day. Led by Agudah of California’s chairman Dr. Irving Lebovics Read More

WATCH: The Yom HaShishi Series: featuring Rabbi Yechezkel Greenberg
Pirchei Agudas Yisroel Mid-Atlantic Regional Shabbos Shel Achdus 2019

Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of Scranton hosted the Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Shabbos Shel Achdus at Khal Machzikei Hadas on Shabbos Parshas Ki Sisa. Over 100 Pirchim from Washington Heights, Philadelphia, Flatbush and Far Rockaway attended. The event began on Friday afternoon with an Ice skating trip and culminated with a grand Read More