WATCH: Agudah Advocates for Rights of Nonpublic School Community at Albany Educational Hearing
Out of our hands

Out of our hands

Feb 02, 2018

Have you ever planned meticulously for an event only to see something unexpected  happen that destroyed your plans? What if millions of dollars were on the line? How would you react? I got to watch exactly that this week and I left inspired. I traveled to Chicago on Wednesday on Read More

Statement of Agudath Israel of America on Polish Holocaust Law

The thousands of Polish citizens who courageously hid and aided Jews during the Holocaust are legend, and deserving of the deepest admiration. But, according to eyewitnesses and historians, many thousands of Jews who fled liquidated ghettos in 1942 – 1943 were handed over by other Polish citizens to the Germans Read More

VIDEO: Parshas Yisro 5778- Rabbi Labish Becker
Agudath Israel of Illinois Lauds Bi-Partisan Solution to Scholarship Tax Credit Program Impasse
Why Yellow?

Why Yellow?

Jan 26, 2018

National School Choice Week has become known for its ubiquitous yellow fleece scarves. I don’t know if the organizers picked yellow because it reminded them of yellow school buses, because the neon color stands out in a crowd, or simply because it is a happy color, but whatever the reason, Read More

Agudath Israel Celebrates National School Choice Week

Some came for the free yellow scarves. Others came to highlight their school. In many states they came out to thank legislators for supporting existing school choice programs and in some states they gathered to ask lawmakers to enact new school choice legislation. By the end of the week, more Read More

VIDEO: Parshas B’Shalach5778- Rabbi Labish Becker
What’s a Few Billion between Friends? The Fuzzy Numbers on 529s for K-12 Tuition
Photos/Video: Banim U’vnei Banim: Generations Dedicated to Torah at Agudath Israel’s 18th Annual Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah