Agudath Israel – “Vote: It Matters”

Thursday September 13th is Primary Day across New York State. Voters throughout the state will be selecting the party nominees for almost every important state office including Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Senate, State Assembly and judges. Agudath Israel urges all in our community to exercise this most important Read More

This Rosh Hashanah you can change the world!
“A Time for Dveikus” – National Audience Participates in Agudath Israel of America’s Selichos Yom Iyun
WATCH: Parshas Ki Savo 5778- Rabbi Labish Becker
Get your FREE custom Daf Yomi Sukkos Art!

For those of us dedicated to the Daf, its daily study is so much more than just a daily shiur. Your commitment to The Daf is legendary. Your dedication is an inspiration to so many. No matter where you are, no matter what is going on you never leave The Read More

Agudath Israel Hails Efforts to Provide Kosher/Hallal Food for Public School Students
Agudath Israel Reissues Kaporos Kol Korei

Reissuing a Rabbinic statement (Kol Korei) that was first published 11 years ago and that remains relevant today, Agudath Israel of America is calling upon the community to exercise care regarding the custom of kapporos before Yom Kippur. Given the size of the community, and the large volume of chickens Read More

Agudas Yisroel Nationwide Selichos Yom Iyun 5778
Safa Berura: The Halachos of the Yomim Noraim
A decade of impact

Last week I visited Baltimore with my family and it was amazing to see the growth of the Maryland Orthodox community since I left 16 years ago. With that growth comes challenges, and thankfully Rabbi Ariel Sadwin and Agudath Israel of Maryland have played a critical role in addressing many Read More