The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 3 May 1982/Sivan 5742

IN THIS ISSUE: Of Identity And Success, Rabbi Chaim Dov Keller Halacha And Psychotherapy: Conflict Or Compatibility?, Meir Wikler English Translations-From Trepidation To Joy, Rabbi Mendel Weinbach Taking Flight With Shabbos, Ezriel Toshavi Hakham Yitzhak Hai Tayeb, Nechama Consuelo Nahmoud Books For Our Youth, a review POSTSCRIPT: Assignment: Covering Page One, Nissan Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 2 March 1982/Nissan 5742

IN THIS ISSUE: The Season Of Renewal, based an a lecture by Rabbi Gedalya Schorr, Zt”l Children Are Also Human Beings, Rabbi A. Moshe Possick The Hebrew Day School-A Means Or An End?, Rabbi David Trapper How Successful Are Yeshivos In Reaching Their Goals?, William P. Helmreich Planting Seeds Of Return, Shlomo Noach Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 1 February 1982/Adar 5742

IN THIS ISSUE: Speaking Up For “Kavod Ha Torah” On Jewish Survival, Rabbi Elazar Shach Shliit”a Torah: A Source For Guidance In Every Activity, Rabbi Elya Svei Shliit”a The Will To Rebuild, Shlomo Fonteyen Women At The Crossroads, Nechama Bakst HALACHA LITERATURE IN ENGLISH, A REVIEW ARTICLE (continued): Complete Book Of Jewish Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 15 No. 10 December 1981/Teves 5742

IN THIS ISSUE: All By Myself, Amnon Denker Rabbi Yitzchok Hutner Zecher Tzadik Levrocho By The Writing Desk Of The Master, Yisroel Mayer Kirzner Selected Letters, translated by Eliakim Willner The Different Ones, Helene Ribowsky Hashem’ s Special Children, Lester R. Kaufman GEMS FROM THE ROSHEI HAYESHIVA: Adaptations of addresses at the Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 15 No. 9 November 1981/Kislev 5742

IN THIS ISSUE: The Crooked Mirror-II, Nisson Wolpin Wanted: Help For The Orthodox Pill Addict, A.B. Cohen “Zos Chanuka” – This Is Chanuka, S. Feivel Beilus The “Oisher” Of Williamsburg, Gershon Kranzler SECOND LOOKS ON THE JEWISH SCENE: ERA Comes Home Higher Horizons Down Under POSTSCRIPT: A Non-Disappearing Rebbe, Hillel Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 15 No. 8 September 1981/Tishrei 5742

IN THIS ISSUE: Hope For Hard-Hit Yeshiva Parents?, Menachem Lubinsky The Moment Of Falsehood, David Schapps THE TORAH-IM-DERECH-ERETZ PERSONALITY: THREE SKETCHES: Dr. Raphael Moller, as remembered by a grandson The Last “Parnes” Of Eiterfeld, Rabbi Nasson Lomner A Day In The Life Of A Life Of A “Tzaddik Nistar”: Dr. Shimon Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 15 No. 7 Summer 1981/Av 5741

IN THIS ISSUE: “Kiruv Rechokim”: For The Professional Only, Or Can Everyone Be Involved? The Four-Sided Question, Rabbi Yitzchok Chinn The Amateur’s Burden, Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb Diary Of A New Student, Marty Hoffman A Plea From A “New Immigrant” To Judaism (a letter) Reaching The Russians: An Historic Obligation, Nisson Wolpin After Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 15 No. 6 May 1981/Iyar-Sivan 5741

IN THIS ISSUE: Rabbi Joseph Breuer Zt”l, One Year After His Passing, Ernst L. Bodenheimer, with Rabbi Nosson Scherman The Rav’s Last Interview, Lipa Geldwirth VOTING IN ISRAEL: FROM DILEMMA TO SACRED OBLIGATION: The Dilemma-Two Sides To The Ballot, Ezriel Toshavi Participation In The Government, an analysis by Rabbi Reuven Grozovsky Zt”l, translated by Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 15 No. 5 April 1981/Nissan 5741

IN THIS ISSUE: The Vanishing Yeshiva Rebbe, Rabbi Zev Schostak An Extraordinary Call To Action-And The Beginnings Of A Response Personal Growth For Community Responsibility, based on an address by Rabbi Yaakov Kamentzky Teaching-To Keep Klal Yisroel Alive, based on an address by Rabbi Shneur Kotler Mobilizing For Crisis, based on an address by Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 15 No. 3 January 1981/Shevat 5741

IN THIS ISSUE: Postmortem On The Autopsy Crisis In Israel, Rabbi Mendel Weinbach Measuring Up To The Challenge (adaptations of addresses by members of the Moelzes Gedolei Ha Torah/Council of Torah Sages of Agudath Israel of America delivered at the recent national convention) Taking Matters To Heart, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein Finding The Permanent In The Read More