The Jewish Observer Vol. 17 No. 3 October 1983/Tishrei 5744

IN THIS ISSUE: NEEDS OF THE SPECIAL CHILD: R=I: A Dangerous Equation, Helene Ribowsky A Broken Promise, Dr. Gerald David A Special Summer Experience, Chaim Wakslak Reb Hirsh Michel’s Yerushalayim Shel Ma’aloh, Hanoch Teller Stranger In A Strange Land, Susan Handleman Succos: The Time Of Joy, A. Scheinman Letters To The Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 17 No. 2 September 1983/Elul 5743

IN THIS ISSUE: Ohr Shraga-The Light Of Reb Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz Zt”l, Rabbi Yitzchak Chinn “Around The Sanctuary They Shall Dwell,” based on an address by Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetzky Shlit”a Summer: A Season For Growth, an overview on camping by Rabbi Nosson Scherman, accompanied by a photographic essay Hidden Beginnings: A Rosh Hashana Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 17 No. 1 May-June 1983/Tamuz 5743

IN THIS ISSUE: REFLECTIONS ON REMEMBERING THE HOLOCAUST: Survivors In Search Of A Rallying Point, Shlomo Berger Heroics And Remembrance-A New Jewish Religion?, Joseph Friedenson Who Will Do The Teaching?, Nisson Wolpin Joy Within The Tears Of Mourning, Rabbi Gedalya Schorr Zt”l Preparation For Marriage, Meir Wikler What Is New In The Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 10 April 1983/Sivan/Shavuos 5743

IN THIS ISSUE: Lail Shimurim-5743, as told to Hanoch Teller Thoughts On The Nature Of Man, Rabbi Mosheh Y’chiail Friedman A Primer In The Effective Use Of Put-Downs, Avrohom Mayer Counting Toward Freedom, Eytan Levi, translated by Pesach H. Konstam Divine Manifestation In The Holocaust, Yechiel Yits’chok Perr “Why Have You Chosen Me?”, a Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 9 March 1983/Nissan 5743

IN THIS ISSUE: Come To The Kollel-The Kollel?, Abby Mendelson The Seeds Of Survival And Redemption, based on an address by Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetzky, Shlit”a Surviving The Warsaw Ghetto, Joseph Friedenson Tomorrow’s Technology-Afraid To Use It Today?, Yerachmiel Barash On “Being” And “Becoming”-A Lesson From Reb Yisroel Salanter, Zt”l, Rabbi Yechiel Yitzchok Perr Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 8 February 1983/Adar 5743

IN THIS ISSUE: The Case Of The Non-Conserving Conservatives, Nisson Wolpin Computer Teaching In The Yeshiva, Bernard Fryshman Achieving A Higher Consciousness In Tefilla, Aryeh Kaplan Z”l HOLOCAUST LITERATURE REVISITED, A REVIEW ARTICLE: Britain And The Jews Of Europe, 1939-1945/Solomon Shonfeld, His Page in History/Scroll of Agony/The Unconquerable Spirit/Chasidic Tales of the Holocaust/The Auschwitz Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 7 December 1982/Teves 5743

IN THIS ISSUE: The Eighth Completion Of Shas By Daf Yomi The Siyum: A Celebration Of The Study Of Talmud Oaf Yomi In The Lodz Ghetto, Menachem G. In The Vilna Ghetto, Yosef Fuchsman Excerpts Of The Addresses “And You Shall Delve Into It Day And Night,” a photographic essay by Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 6 October 1982/Marcheshvan 5743

IN THIS ISSUE: Remembering Reb Shneur Kotler Zt”l, Yaakov Yosef Reinman In Search Of A Torah Psychology, Moshe Y’chiail Friedman The Mainland And The Island- London Then And Now, Malka Schaps Telling Stories Out Of Cheder, Chaim Shapiro SECOND LOOKS ON THE JEWISH SCENE: Lebanese Aftermath Reflections On Silence, Aaron D. Twerski Letters To The Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 5 September 1982/Tishrei 5743

IN THIS ISSUE: Mankind-Where Are You?, Zvi Avyashar Rosh Hashana: Trilogy Of Unity, A. Scheinman For Us, Dear Child, a poem by Ruth Finkelstein A Rebbe Passes Away, And The World Weeps: The Skullener Rebbe Zecher Tzadik Levrocho Rejoice With/Without Trepidation, letters to the editors A Jewish Dream, Elkanah Schwartz LEARNING Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 16 No. 4 Summer 1982/Av 5742

IN THIS ISSUE: Unity In Diversity, an address by Rabbi Shneur Kotler Zt”l A JEWISH VIEW OF MARRIAGE: The Jewish Home: Mainstay Of Our People, Rabbi Avrohom Pam Made In Heaven, Destroyed By People, Yosef S. Rosenshein NOTES ON A JEWISH WEDDING: “We’ll Be Happy To Attend, But-,” by “Avi” A Letter, Read More