The Jewish Observer Vol. 20 No. 9 December 1987/Kislev 5748

Quarrels Of A Secularized Jew, Siegmund Forst Portrait Of A Rebbe, Rabbi Nochum Partzovitz Zt”l, Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Klugman Chanuka: A Victory Of lliumination, Rabbi Shaul Kagan A Chessed Shel Emes, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann The Nature Of A Torah Psychology, Rabbi Mosheh Ychiail Friedman Yossel The Violin Player, Galia Beny BOOKS IN REVIEW: Evolution: A Theoiy Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 20 No. 8 November 1987/Cheshvan 5748

IN THIS ISSUE: Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman Zt”l, an appreciation based on reminiscences of talmidim He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. . .,Rabbi Nasson Scherman POSTSCRIPT: Shidduch Breaker Or Family Maker Letters To The Editor Vienna Revisited, Miriam Stark Zakon

The Jewish Observer Vol. 20 No. 7 October 1987/Tishrei 5748

IN THIS ISSUE: Whose Jerusalem?, Ezriel Toshavi State Of The State, A Review Article, Rabbi Joseph Elias Rabbi Abba’s Esrog Tree, Rabbi Nesanel Kasnett Learning From A Computer, David Schaps The Dilemma Of An Out-Of-Towner Living In-Town, Eliyahu Mayer A Window To Rashi, Dr. Aaron Twerski SECOND LOOKS ON THE JEWISH SCENE: Kitzutzim: Of Statistics And Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 20 No. 6 September 1987/Elul 5747

IN THIS ISSUE. . . The Nine Days Of Kashrus, Rabbi Gershon Mark “For You, G-d, Are True. . .”, Rabbi A. Scheinman The Vote That Was Not Cast, Nisson Wolpin Reb Moshe Zt”l And Me, Rabbi Avi Shafran The Impact Of Automation On The Torah World, Eliezer Brnckstein Letters To The Editor

The Jewish Observer Vol. 20 No. 5 Summer 1987/Tammuz-Av 5747

Judgment In The Spotlight …A Lesson In Midas Hadin, based on a lecture by Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe Bungalow Judaism, based on a lecture by Rabbi Hillel David Israel’s Yeshivos And The Zionist Loyalty Oath, Ezriel Toshavi To Distinguish Between Light And Darkness, Rabbi Simon Schwab A Nation Of Devourers, David Schaps Tisha B’av, A Moed Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 20 No. 4 May 1987/Sivan 5747

IN THIS ISSUE: The Drive For Justice Versus A Sense Of Responsibility, Dr. David Kranzler Coming Home, Saralie Faivelson One People, One Turah, One Voice, An Editorial Statement Rebbetzin Chana Perel Kotler O”h: A Year Since Her Passing, Chaya Baumwolspiner POSTSCRIPT: BAAL TESHUVA MOVEMENT There Are Some Ways You Can Help, Eliezer Gillig “Is (S)he A Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 20 No. 3 April 1987/Iyar 5747

IN THIS ISSUE: Shmittah In Israel Today, a report by Nissan Wolpin Postscript On “Religious Subterfuge In Israel”, Ezriel Toshavi Building A Ghetto Of Our Own, Edith Krohn BOOKS IN REVIEW: Waking Up Jewish/Collected Writings of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch/A Future and a Hope/Torah Treasuries/A Time For All Things/Ways of Peace/Aiding Talmud Study/Breakthrough to Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 20 No. 2 March 1987/Adar 5747

IN THIS ISSUE: To Merit A Swift Redemption, Rabbi Avraham Pam Pesach: Rejuvenation And Renewal, Rabbi A. Scheinman Rabbi Malkiel Tenenbaum, Chaim Shapiro Can Jewish Jewish Literature Supersede the Classics?, -a letter … Finding A Way When There Is No Choice, a response, Faige Diskind “Reb Binyomin The Tzaddik”, Hillel Goldberg POSTSCRIPT: Rebbetzin Kaplan Letters To Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 20 No. 1 February 1987/Shevat 5747

IN THIS ISSUE: Are We Still In Golus?, Rabbi Aaron Brcifman Rebbetzin Vichna Kaplan O”h: An Appreciation, Devora Kitevits Using Secular Government To Promote Religious Interests: Where Are The Boundaries?, Chaim David Zwiebel BRINGING TORAH TO THE PEOPLE: From Denver: Reaching Out To Small Communities, Rabbi Hillel Goldberg From Baltimore: Shiur Enjoyment, Gary Rosenblatt POSTSCRIPT: Letters Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 19 No. 10 January 1987/Teves 5747

Israel: The Politics Of Religious Subterfuge, Ezriel Toshavi Two Paths Through Vienna, Shlomo Berger Editorial Statement On “Moses Mendelssohn” THESE CHILDREN ARE OURS: A SYMPOSIUM: Introduction, Dr. Abraham Twerski Teaching The Learning Disabled, Rebecca Amster Special Parenting, Gerald Tauber A Special Visitor, Dovid Greenwald BOOKS IN REVIEW: The Histmy of the Jewish People, from Yavne Read More