The Jewish Observer Vol. 24 No. 9 December 1991/Teves 5752

Modern Science And Emuna, Dr. Alvin Radkowsky Torah, Slobodka, And Harbotzas Torah: The Vision Of Rabbi Dovid Liebowitz Zt”l, Yitzchok Brandriss The “Hod” That Is Israel, The “Yofi” That Was Greece, Rabbi A. Sheinman Jewish Kids Up For Grabs, Vicki Krausz BOOKS IN REVIEW: To Become One/ I Shall Not Want/ Choose Life/ HEY, TAXI!/ The Best Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 24 No. 8 November 1991/Kislev 5752

Reflections On A Failed Coup, Yonason Rosenblum Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman Zt”l: Teacher Of Torah Perspective, Rabbi Shimon Finkelman Parenting A Troubled Adolescent In A Torah Home, Dr. Meir Wikler One Day On A Hill, Yaakov Lavon BOOKS IN REVIEW: Examining Churban Europe: One Jew’s Power, One Jew’s Glory/Lest We Forget/Shoah/One, By One, By One/The Italians Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 24 No. 7 October 1991/Cheshvan 5752

“Kulturkamph” In The Holyland, Yonason Rosenblum “Klita”-Absorption Of Immigrants, 1991, Rabbi Shlomo Goder Response To “A Matter Of Life And Death: The RCA’s Ruling On Organ Transplants”, A statement by Agudath Israel of America/Letters from Rabbi Moshe DovidTendler and Dr. Yoel Jakobovits/Response from Chaim Dovid Zwiebel OUTREACH TO THE RUSSIAN JEWRY-AN UPDATE: There Is A Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 24 No. 6 September 1991/Tishrei 5752

The Remembrance Of Rosh Hashana, Rabbi A. Sheinman Rabbi Yisroel Zev Gustman Zecher Tzadik Levrocho-Tribute, Yonason Rosenblum TWO ON TEFILLA: Alone Among The Multitudes-In Jerusalem, Hillel Goldberg The Insomniac’s Minyan, Yaakov Lavon READERS RESPOND TO: “Yeshivos-Only For The Chosen Of Our People?” Illness, Denial, And Acceptance, Rabbi Myer Schecter POETRY: A Private Waterloo, Libby Lazewnik “…” Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 24 No. 5 Summer 1991/Tammuz 5751

The New Ethiopian Aliya, Yonasan Rosenblum A Matter Of Life And Death, Chaim Dovid Zwiebel Kids on the Fringe: Crisis In The Community, Problems In The School Seeds Of Teshuva, Yaakov Astor Reminiscences Of A “Shaliach” To The Soviet Union, Mendel Goldberg P.S. Summertime – Color War, Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum BOOKS IN REVIEW: HALACHA IN ENGLISH: Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 24 No. 4 May 1991/Sivan 5751

Summertime: An Opportunity For Contemplation Of The Wonders Of Creation, Rabbi Yoseif David Epstein with Rabbi Chaim Feuennan Yeshivos-Only For The Chosen Of Our People?, Rabbi Yaakov Bender When Children’s Leaming Handicaps Are Of Our Own Making, Yitzchak Kasnett A Plea For Exercise In Yeshiva Programs, Susan K. Schulman, M.D. and Robert H. Schulman, M.D. Horav Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 24 No. 3 April 1991/Iyar 5751

HOLDING ON TO THE INSPIRATION: A Statement By The Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah Of America A Time For Gratitude…, based on an address by Rabbi Pinchas Menachem Alter Shlit”a Purim Under Cloudy Skies, Sarah Shapiro After The War, Fayge Parker Saying Goodbye To Raphael Yehuda Re-Union: Moscow Joins The Jewish World Again, Nissan Wolpin Impressions Upon Visiting Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 24 No. 2 March 1991/Nissan 5751

LEARNING FROM THE GULF WAR CRISIS: A Time Of Threat, But No Time For Fear, based on an address by Rabbi Elazar M. Schach Shlit”a On War And Mobilization…, based on an address by Rabbi Mordechai Gifter Shlit”a, Adapted for publication by Rabbi Nasson Scherman Jerusalem War Diary, Yonasan Rosenblum Between The Sirens, Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 24 No. 1 February 1991/Adar 5751

A Fervent Call To All Jews: A Statement By The Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah Of Agudath Israel Of America CONFRONTING THE SOVIET JEWISH MIRACLE: The Soviet Aliya: Responding To The Challenge, Abraham Bidennan “The Russians Are Coming.” “Let’s Go Hide.”, Dr. Bernard Fryshman When Oksana and Anatoly Are On Your Guest List…, Eliezer Gillig Renee Reichmann Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 23 No. 10 January 1991/Shevat 5751

Zealous Representation Within Halachic Parameters, based on an address by Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg Striving For Zion, Rabbi Ben Tzion Kokis Rabbi Moshe Zvi Aryeh Bick, Zt”l – An Appreciation, Shmuel Kessner When Feminists Demand, Can Judaism Deliver’?, Rabbi Yisroel Miller Forget-Me-Not: Musings On Fame And Immortality. Rabbi Matis Blum BOOKS IN REVIEW:  Juvenile Literature Fins, Feet, Wings. Read More