The Jewish Observer Vol. 13 No. 8 January 1979/Shevat 5739

IN THIS ISSUE: The Obligation To Speak And To Act / based on an address by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein Shlit”a In Search Of Global Security / based on an address by Rabbi Baruch Sorotzkin, Zt”l MARRIAGE IN A TORAH SOCIETY: Preparation For Marriage: A Prevention For Divorce / Meir Wikler Growing Into Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 13 No. 7 December 1978/Kislev 5739

IN THIS ISSUE: GOLUS IN A FREE SOCIETY: The Awareness Imperative, Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg The Stumbling Blocks, Aaron Twerski The Bereaved Jew’s Bill Of Rights, Bernard Fryshman Chanukah Gems, Rabbi Nosson Scherman Tiktin, Chaim Shapiro BOOKS IN REVIEW: Challenge Of Sinai The Book Of Ezekiel Chanukah Crafts SECOND LOOKS ON Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 13 No. 6 October 1978/Tishrei 5739

IN THIS ISSUE: THE SEPHARDI IN ISRAEL: VICTIM OF PRIVELEGE AND PREJUDICE: The Gap To Be Bridged, Ezriel Toshavi The Electrical Theory Of Prejudice, Nehama Consuelo Nahmoud “It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone”, Nathan A. Solomon Missing-A Feeling Of Galut, Dr. Shimon Glick The American Welcome To The Russian Immigrant “Dobre Pozhalovat”, Hanoch Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 13 No. 5 September 1978/Elul 5738

IN THIS ISSUE: Choosing The Representatives Of The Orthodox Jewish Community – By Election Or Selection?, a JO Symposium, featuring presentations by Bernard Fryshman and Nathan Lewin Piety, Psychopathology, And Parent Power, Dr. Jacob Mermelstein Growing Up In Brisk: Remembering Reb Chaim, as recalled by Rabbi Chaim Leib Balgley Strictly A Matter Of Principle, Ezriel Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 13 No. 4 June 1978/Tamuz 5738

IN THIS ISSUE: The Bluzhever Rebbe Shlit”a Remembers: Embers Midst The Ruins, Reminiscences Overheard by Rabbi Nosson Scherman Who Shall Render The Decisions?, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan The Master Race And The Chosen People, Rabbi Yaakov Feitman Reh Pesach Pruskin Zt”l Of Kubrin, Chaim Shapiro BOOKS IN REVIEW: Strive For Truth The Way of Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 13 No. 3 May 1978/Sivan 5738

IN THIS ISSUE: “Did You Conduct Your Business With Faith?”, Rabbi Avrohom Pam Bombing Auschwitz – A Footnote To Jewish history, Lewis Brenner A Letter Of Guidance For These Troubled Times, Rabbi Eliezer Schach Reb Reuvain Grozovsky Zecher Tzadik Levrocho – 20 Years After His Passing, Nisson Wolpin Teaching The Fourth Son, Helene Ribowsky Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 13 No. 2 April 1978/Nissan 5738

IN THIS ISSUE: Challenge And Commitment, Gershon Kranzler The Rights of Women, Society, And The Equal Rights Amendment, Bernard Fryshman The Role Of Women In Bringing The Redemption, based on an address by Rabbi Shneur Kotler “Shlichat Mitzvah”, an interview with Rivka Mendelevich Drori Where Are The Scars?, Hanoch Teller A Song Of Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 13 No. 1 March 1978/Adar 5738

IN THIS ISSUE: THE TESHUVA MOVEMENT IN ISRAEL: The Israeli Baal Teshuva / Rabbi Mendel Weinbach An American In Israel: The Yeshiva, My Bag / David Goldstein THE JEW FACES URBAN PROBLEMS: New York City: Preserving The Communities, The Building Blocks Of Klal Yisroel / Shmuel Lefkowitz The New Jerusalem Stadium: Ghosts of Herod Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 12 No. 10 January 1978/Shevat 5738

IN THIS ISSUE: Orthodoxy – Exotic And Otherwise / Elkanah Schwartz The Many Crises Of Yeshiva Day School Education / Zev Schostak “CHURBAN EUROPE”: Letters To The Editor “Chazara” – Reviewing Rabbi Hutner’s Seminar / Yaakov Feitman Comments On “The Destruction Of European Jewry” / Joseph Elias And Now A Word From Our Fathers / Read More

The Jewish Observer Vol. 12 No. 9 December 1977/Teves 5738

IN THIS ISSUE: Who’s Saving American Jewry / Nisson Wolpin Jews In Russia Today: Fact and Fiction, / J. David Bleich YELAMDEINU RABBEINU: A Matter Of Values / based on an address by Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman Of Truth, Responsibility, And Zeal / based on an address by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein Torah Read More