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VIDEOS: #AgudahLive – LIVE from Ruach Country!

All #AgudahLives episodes below — Back at Camp Agudah #RuachCountry for another episode of Agudah Live. Join us tonight as we LIVESTREAM from Camp Agudah to hear and see the latest sights and sounds from #RuachCountry… interviews with campers and staff + live singing of winning (and losing) Alma Mater Read More

WATCH: Parshas MatosMasei 5778- Rabbi Labish Becker
Due Deference

Due Deference

Jul 13, 2018

While at least one Jewish organization was apparently “incensed” at President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, Agudath Israel welcomed the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh earlier this week. Aside from issuing an official statement (see here), Rabbi Abba Cohen was interviewed by the JTA in an article summarizing the Read More

WATCH: Parshas Pinchas 5778- Rabbi Labish Becker
Deep Concern and Applause

Recently, Agudath Israel issued a statement expressing “deep concern and disappointment over the policy of separating the members of families who have entered the United States illegally” (a policy which the president himself then took steps to reverse). Our director of public affairs, Rabbi Avi Shafran, reflected (here) on the reactions he received to our Read More

Agudah CEO Advocates for Zoning Change to Allow Houses of Worship in Rockland County Village
When Zoning Laws Prevent the Building of Shuls

As the Orthodox Jewish population grows and expands to different neighborhoods, it frequently finds itself in need of shuls being built. Sometimes, existing zoning laws make it difficult to do so. In 2005, Congress passed the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) to address precisely this issue. As Read More

WATCH: Parshas Balak 5778- Rabbi Labish Becker
Agudah Applauds NJ Senate’s Passage of Religious Holiday Accommodation Bill; Companion Legislation Introduced in Assembly