VIDEOS: #AgudahLive with Rabbi Abba Cohen: Agudah’s Vice President for Government Affairs and Director, Washington D.C office
Court Upholds Constitutionality of Parsonage Allowance Agudath Israel Hails Decision
New Technology Funds Coming to NYC/Upstate Yeshivos Through Agudah Advocacy

Nine months after the Smart Schools Review Board formally corrected classification errors that deprived nonpublic schools in New York State of millions of dollars in technology funds, new, corrected allocations are about to be released. The Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA), passed in 2014-15, provided a one-time, $2 billion infusion Read More

Statement from Agudath Israel on Terror Attack in Shomron

The news of the vicious murders in Shomron of IDF First Sergeant Gal Keidan and Rabbi Achiad Ettinger, a civilian by-stander and father of 12, has left all caring people reeling. It is especially galling to read the statements of celebration emanating from the terrorist entity, Hamas, for this brutal Read More

Agudath Israel Meets with Key Hungarian Lawmaker

Dr. Istvan Bajkai, Vice Chairman of the Committee on Legislation and Member of the Committee on Justice of the Hungarian Parliament, together with Thomas Barat, Founder and President, American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce of New York, and Dr. David Moskovits, visited Agudah headquarters in New York on Thursday, March 7th. Read More

Agudah Washington Mission Day 2: Orthodox Jewry’s Concerns Expressed in High Level Meetings with Cabinet Members and Congressional Leaders
Masmidei HaSiyum: Children take an active part in the Siyum HaShas

Have You Heard? If not, you will. It is on its way – to your yeshiva, your school, your child. What is it? Agudas Yisroel’s learning initiative that is changing the world for our children:  The Masmidei HaSiyum Program. Recently unveiled at yeshivos and chadorim everywhere, this ground-breaking program has Read More

Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of America Midwest Regional Siyum Mishnayos 2019
Statement from Agudath Israel on Terror Attack at New Zealand Mosques
WATCH: Purim 5779- Rabbi Labish Becker