Compass: Presenting Shidduch Solutions and Visions

We all have heard of the “Shidduch Crisis.” Is there a solution? No one knows, but Sunday, June 2nd, the Agudah is taking some steps towards helping people “in the parshah,” their parents, shadchanim, and shidduch coaches.   The inaugural Compass: Navigating the Shidduch World event, to be held at Read More

Photos: 56th Annual National Siyum Mishnayos of Pirchei Agudas Yisroel al shem harav Yehoshua Silbemintz zt”l
WATCH: Parshas Behar 5779- Rabbi Labish Becker


May 21, 2019

I have to admit, the statement’s headline surprised me. Agudath Israel is no stranger to calling out those who claim to speak in the name of Judaism. However, it is not often that we feel compelled to publicly rebuke and disassociate ourselves from statements made by Orthodox rabbis. Yet, earlier Read More

Ohio Budget Update

On May 9th,  the Ohio House of Representatives passed its version of the state budget, House Bill 166,  by a vote of 85 to 9. Agudath Israel advocated for several measures included in the House version which directly benefit families choosing to attend Jewish day schools. The House bill increases Read More

Nonsense and Insults at a Recent Monsey Gathering

Countless rabbinical figures and leaders, including leading rabbis in the Agudath Israel movement and doctors serving these communities, have repeatedly encouraged vaccination in the strongest possible terms. A recent gathering in Monsey, NY, heavily promoted in Orthodox Jewish areas, featured figures in the anti-vaccination circuit, including a pediatrician who uses Read More

Agudath Israel of America Lauds Introduction of New Security Bill in New Jersey
Pirchei Weekly For Parshas Emor

Rashi: Questions of the week 1. How do we know that we take only ONE Lulav from the word Kappos, which is (or seems to be) in the plural? 2. What 2 reasons does Rashi offer to explain what prompted the Ben Ish Mitzri to speak with such anger against הקב״ה? To receive Read More

This Call May be Monitored

“How did you know we were involved?” That’s what a shocked Rabbi Moshe Matz, Agudath Israel’s Florida director, asked the customer service representative. Beatrice, working at a call center in California, had just finished helping Rabbi Matz with his phone issues when she surprised him by thanking him for his Read More

Illinois Legislation for Synagogue Security Funding Gains Momentum

Following the deadly attack in the Poway Chabad synagogue on the last day of Passover, an Illinois bill that would fund security personnel for houses of worship was thrust into the spotlight. The measure, championed by Agudath Israel of Illinois (AIOI) and sponsored by Representative Yehiel Kalish (D-Chicago) calls for funding an Read More