WATCH: The Yom HaShishi Series 7: featuring Rabbi Aharon Lopiansky
WATCH: Parshas Vayeitzei 5778- Rabbi Labish Becker


Nov 15, 2018

The election is over…in most states. Control of the US House and the New York State Senate has switched to the Democratic Party, and in other parts of the country Republicans scored major election victories. In other words, elections have consequences — which is why Agudath Israel expresses its appreciation to all the Read More

WATCH: The Yom HaShishi Series 6: featuring Rabbi Ephraim Eliyahu Shapiro
Am Echad’s Leadership meets with Israeli Media Representatives

On Monday, November 5th, a group of Orthodox Jewish community leaders representing Am Echad and other organizations met with members of the Israeli media. The meeting, one of a series of meetings coordinated by the Ruderman Foundation to introduce Israeli opinion makers to Jewish leaders in the United States, was Read More

Agudah to Department of Treasury: Don’t Let SALT Jeopardize Scholarship Tax Credit Programs!
Am Echad Letter to MKs Re Government Recognition of Reform and Conservative Movements in the Wake of the Pittsburgh Massacre
Pirchei Weekly For Parshas Toldos

Rashi: Questions of the week 1. Shlomo HaMelech davened that any non-Jew’s request in the Bais HaMikdash be accepted, even if he might be unworthy. From where did he learn this? 2. What similarity was there between the dish that Yaakov served to Yitzchak and the Man? To receive the Pirchei Weekly Read More

Moving Forward: Agudah’s 2018 Convention Program Announced

The Agudah’s annual convention has long been the key venue for members of the Jewish community to convene together with Torah leaders and community askanim to discuss and address the critical issues facing the klal today. A direct descendent of the First Knessia Gedolah in 1923, 95 years later the Read More

Agudah: Vote Tomorrow!