Measles Update

In light of the ongoing measles outbreak, many communities are taking steps to promote even higher levels of vaccination. A letter signed by 500 doctors serving the Orthodox Jewish community has received a lot of positive attention  and Agudath Israel has been working with local health departments to help disseminate information about vaccinations and, in some cases, arrange for MMR vaccine clinics. In Maryland, an upcoming vaccine clinic is targeted for adults between the ages of 30 and 62 who may need a second booster, as the recent outbreak in Detroit affected mostly vaccinated adults in that age range. Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington President Yosef Singer thanked Rabbi Ariel Sadwin of Agudath Israel of Maryland “for his tireless efforts and consummate skill in making this clinic possible.” Rabbi Sadwin also played a critical role in coordinating two vaccine clinics which took place over the last two weeks in Baltimore, collaborating with the governor’s office, the state health department, and two local health departments. (Please speak to your health provider if you have any questions whether or not an MMR booster is necessary or appropriate for you).