Rivie Schwebel Named Chairman of Agudah Convention

With just weeks left to go until its landmark event of the year, Agudath Israel of America has named Flatbush resident Rivie Schwebel as chairman of the 95th annual Agudah Convention. Never one to pass up an opportunity to serve Klal Yisroel, Reb Rivie’s generosity of spirit has made him Read More

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We all have heard of the “Shidduch Crisis.” Is there a solution? No one knows, but Sunday, June 2nd, the Agudah is taking some steps towards helping people “in the parshah,” their parents, shadchanim, and shidduch coaches.   The inaugural Compass: Navigating the Shidduch World event, to be held at Read More

All #AgudahLives episodes below — Co-hosts Rabbi Schnall and Rabbi Markowitz are joined by Rabbi Haber member Machon Chayim Aruchim. Among other topics, they discuss why Chayim Aruchim was founded, when someone should call, and share stories of how they personally benefited from Chayim Aruchim. Co-hosts Rabbi Avi Schnall and Read More

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42 Broadway 14th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Mission Statement

Lefkowitz Leadership Initiative (LLI) serves as Agudath Israel of America’s dedicated infrastructure to both involve and serve the unique needs of our communities’ younger members.
The budding professionals and activists - aged 25 to 40 – who form LLI’s nucleus, eagerly serve its trifecta of goals: engage, integrate and innovate. They, along with their family members and friends, take a personal interest in Agudath Israel of America activities and are meaningfully integrated within its diverse branches, events and decision making processes. LLI activists are also encouraged to share their ideas on how Agudath Israel of America can innovate, and better serve and communicate with the younger members of our communities.

Key People

Rabbi Shai Markowitz

Director, Lefkowitz Leadership Initiative, Agudath Israel of America