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While the mention of the word immigration in Washington is usually related to building walls and DREAMers, recent changes in US policy have many other ramifications within the Orthodox community. Agudath Israel frequently receives calls from individuals and institutions about a host of immigration issues, including visa requirements for religious Read More

Statement of Agudath Israel of Illinois on the Reproductive Health Act

Agudath Israel of Illinois respectfully expresses its opposition to the Illinois Reproductive Health Act. The proposed law declares that abortion is a fundamental right of any individual who becomes pregnant, strips fetuses of protections, and allows for abortions up until birth with few restrictions. In doing so, this legislation codifies, Read More

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Chicago’s new mayor, Lori E. Lightfoot, walked the streets of West Rogers Park neighborhood over Shabbos in a visit coordinated by Agudath Israel of Illinois (AIOI). The mayor engaged hundreds of Orthodox Jewish families on a nearly mile-long tour of the neighborhood led by Rabbi Shlomo Soroka, AIOI’s director of Read More

Agudath Israel of America welcomes the notice that accompanied final regulations issued Tuesday by the US Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Tuesday’s notice ensures that in limited situations, certain taxpayers contributing to scholarship tax credit programs will not be penalized for their donation. This is Read More

Mistakes happen. Most mistakes, though, don’t cost $25 million. This one (almost) did. A misread of the Smart School Bond Act (SSBA) caused millions of dollars in lost technology equipment to New York yeshiva students. Fortunately, Agudath Israel of America and its partners, in the culmination of nearly four years Read More

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Mission Statement

Through its national Office of Government Affairs, its full-time Washington Office, and its regional chapters throughout the nation, Agudath Israel frequently takes advocacy positions before federal, state and local governmental bodies. In so doing, Agudath Israel seeks to protect the rights and advance the interests of observant Jews and their growing network of educational and religious institutions; and to offer a uniquely Orthodox Jewish perspective on contemporary issues of public concern.
The concerns that have elicited Agudath Israel's attention over the past several years can be loosely categorized under four main headings: (1) protecting and advancing religious and civil rights; (2) promoting the interests of religiously affiliated schools and their parent and student bodies; (3) commenting on contemporary social, moral and family issues; and (4) addressing Jewish needs on the international scene, in Israel and in lands of oppression across the globe.

Key People

Rabbi Abba Cohen

Vice President for Federal Affairs and Washington Director and Counsel, Agudath Israel of America

Rabbi A.D. Motzen

National Director for State Relations, Agudath Israel of America