Video/Photos: Yeshiva Expo - Beyond our wildest expectations

“Beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.” – Rabbi Nissan Gewirtzman, President, Yeshiva Consulting Services “An event like this… we are amazed and impressed at what Agudah has done and continues to do.” – Rabbi Shmuel Kutten, Assistant to the Executive Director, Torah Vodaath “Professional, and more importantly, useful!” – Yeshiva Read More

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Houses of worship should be warm and welcoming places but instead, some of them have become mini-fortresses where strangers are looked at with suspicion and armed guards or police stand watch outside. These sentiments were expressed on Wednesday by Agudath Israel delegates to the nearly 30 members of Congress and Read More

1,200 nonpublic school students lobby Annapolis for continued state funding. On Tuesday, Maryland’s nonpublic school community once again came out in droves to the State capitol in Annapolis for the annual student rally hosted by Maryland CAPE (Council for American Private Education). More than 1,200 students, teachers and parents from Read More

The Florida Senate and House recently introduced bills to expand school choice options. The Corporate Tax Scholarship Program which currently provides low income students with a tuition scholarship has reached capacity, and there are currently around 15,000 students on a waiting list. The House Education Committee filed a bill that Read More

The Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act, was recently introduced by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) (S.634) and Representative Bradley Byrne (R-AL) (H.R. 1434) (as of the sending of this newsletter only the House version text was uploaded on the website). For additional analysis, Rabbi Abba Cohen was interviewed by Read More

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Through its national Office of Government Affairs, its full-time Washington Office, and its regional chapters throughout the nation, Agudath Israel frequently takes advocacy positions before federal, state and local governmental bodies. In so doing, Agudath Israel seeks to protect the rights and advance the interests of observant Jews and their growing network of educational and religious institutions; and to offer a uniquely Orthodox Jewish perspective on contemporary issues of public concern.
The concerns that have elicited Agudath Israel's attention over the past several years can be loosely categorized under four main headings: (1) protecting and advancing religious and civil rights; (2) promoting the interests of religiously affiliated schools and their parent and student bodies; (3) commenting on contemporary social, moral and family issues; and (4) addressing Jewish needs on the international scene, in Israel and in lands of oppression across the globe.

Key People

Rabbi Abba Cohen

Vice President for Federal Affairs and Washington Director and Counsel, Agudath Israel of America

Rabbi A.D. Motzen

National Director for State Relations, Agudath Israel of America