AUDIOS: Convention 2015 – All Sessions

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Thursday Sessions

The Leadership Lounge – A Candid Conversation

Marriage Redefined – Should I Care

Growing Pains – Responding to Challenges of Expansion of our Communities

Thursday Keynote Session – How to Lead and When to Follow

Yarchei Kallah – Electronic Eyes and Motion Detectors

Klal Talks: 1 Question – 5 Personalities

Who Is In Charge – Hadracha in Everyday Relationship

Sandwiched – Handling the Stress of the Middle Generation

Kasheh Zivugo Shel Adam – Eitz V’Soshia

Business Leadership – Branding and Finding Yourself

Friday Sessions

Yarchei Kallah – Fri – Kilayim B’Titzis

Impact – Setting SMART Goals

Free Session – Ask The Therapist Any Parenting Question

Day In & Day Out – Keeping Our Tefillos Fresh & Effective

Motzoei Shabbos Sessions

Yarchei Kallah – Motzoei Shabbos – Is Shabbos An Agunah – The Challenge Of Modern Technology In Meleches Machsheves

Klal Matters – Why Should I Care About The Tzibur?

Shidduchim – You Can Make A Difference

Gentle (and Successful) Outreach With Q & A

Motzoei Shabbos Keynote Session – Lechu Banim Shimu Li

Post Melava Malka Ruach

Sunday Sessions

Yarchei Kallah -Sunday -Websites and Drone Delivery on Shabbos

Help I Want to Change the World But Don’t Know Where To Turn

Profiles in Leadership- Rabbi Avrohom Pam Z”TL

The Growing Political Force of the Orthodox Community-Opportunities and Responsibilities

Sunday Closing Keynote Session – “OTD”- Why Is It Happening And What Can We Do About It