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WATCH: Parshas Chukas 5778- Rabbi Labish Becker
Statement of Agudath Israel of America on President Trump’s Decision to Pull out of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)
Agudath Israel on Immigration Family Separation Policy: US Has “Moral Obligation” to “Exhibit Humanity and Compassion”
What does Agudah’s chief of staff carry in his attaché case?

Some people carry papers or a laptop in their attaché cases, but on at least one occasion,  Agudath Israel’s chief of staff and associate director of education, Avrohom Weinstock, brought along a Cisco Model 3600 Wireless Access Point. If you’re wondering what that is, why Mr. Weinstock brought it with him Read More

New York City Budget

This week New York City adopted its Fiscal Year 2019 budget as agreed to by Mayor de Blasio and the City Council. Agudath Israel Community Services were the recipients of significant funding in the areas of workforce development, affordable housing and senior centers, all of which serve to help thousands Read More

WATCH: Parshas Korach 5778- Rabbi Labish Becker
Pirchei Weekly For Parshas Korach

Rashi: Questions of the week 1. Why were the laws of Matnos Kehunah taught immediately after the incident with Korach? 2. Why was the pledge of הקב״ה promising the Terumah and Ma’aser as a portion for the Kohanim called Bris Melach – a covenant of salt? To receive the Pirchei Weekly straight to your Read More

Statement by Agudath Israel of America on the “Place to Worship” Initiative

Agudath Israel of America, a national Orthodox Jewish organization, welcomes today’s announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the “Place to Worship Initiative”. Through the Initiative, the Department of Justice, in conjunction with the U.S. Attorney’s Offices, will take steps that will go far in strengthening the awareness of the Read More

Agudath Israel Applauds Governor Cuomo’s Release of Hate Crimes Grant Awards at Event in Magen David Yeshiva
What is a Cisco Model 3600? The $25 Million Dollar Question that Agudath Israel Has Been Fighting For